26 August 2010

Grabbing summer while it lasts

It's hot. I love it.

sun tea

I'm not one to complain about the weather, but I do enjoy a little variety. After three and a half months of low clouds in the morning and hazy cool sunshine in the afternoon, we finally have some summer weather.

This is the heat I love: the kind that hits you like a wall when you step outside, that fills your lungs like smoke, that makes your legs tingle when you stand in the sun. Standing on asphalt, I could feel the heat shimmer.

Little feels more like summer than the first moments in a blistering hot car - we may not have leather seats to stick to, like my grandma's car, but we have no A/C, which is almost as good.


What could be more summery than drinking a frosty mug of sun tea (in a monogrammed Steelers mug, of course - it's almost football season) and eating melon? I typically eat my watermelon with chile & lemon and my cantaloupe with salt (a holdover from my grandpa's midwestern roots). However, lately I've been eating my watermelon and cantaloupe plain - they are too nectar sweet, bursting with flavor, to allow anything else.

summer refreshment

Before long, L.A. summer will start fading into L.A. fall, which is to say: warm sun instead of hot; fierce, dusty Santa Ana winds; and the occasional rainfall. Our sun tea may brew year-round, but I need to take advantage of the summer while it's here.

Huh - I've been spelling "cantaloupe" wrong my entire life. There goes my proofreading assumption that I'll know if a word is spelled wrong.


  1. I love salt on canteloupe. Wrapped in prosciutto is nice as well.

  2. Would you believe that I've never had prosciutto e melone? I recently started eating meat again after 9 years without, and every time I've been in Italy it's been winter - not nearly melon season.

    I should buy some prosciutto while the melons are good - with a glass of wine, I think that could be dinner on a hot night.