09 October 2010

A small slice

Where has the time gone? My days have been a whirlwind; I think I've spent more time washing the ever-growing stack of dishes that fills my kitchen than I have cooking. I'm sometimes convinced that there's some sort of kitchen sprite that cooks great meals while I sleep, leaving the empty plates and bowls for me.

I had a cake-off earlier this week—my birthday is fast approaching, and I wanted to experiment with a few recipes. After making three different chocolate cakes—a deep, dark chocolate cake; an adapted version that was more torte-like; and my childhood chocolate-mayonnaise cake—I took them to work and asked for opinions.


This was a serious job, it seems. The cakes were devoured and I was left with three pages of detailed notes outlining the positive and negative aspects of each cake. The big winner, and my favorite, was the first cake (adapted from this recipe). Although I have yet to find a frosting that can stand up to the deep, rich, espresso-and-chocolate flavors of this cake without overwhelming the palate, it was perfect mounded with a sloppy tower of whipped cream.

chocolate gateau

More adjustments will be made before the weekend, and I will be able to give you more than just a picture. Hopefully in the weeks to come, the other two recipes will be presentable, as well. After all, you can never have too much chocolate.


  1. When you say, espresso flavor, would you say it's "coffee" tasting?

  2. the cook off will start on Monday but you can submit the recipe until Friday. You have time!

  3. Jen - there is just enough espresso to really make the chocolate pop. If you are looking for it, you can taste it, but it isn't the main flavor by any means.

    For my future adjustments to the torte-like cake, I am planning to make it more of a mocha torte by increasing the coffee when I reduce the flour, etc.

    Damaris - good to know; I thought that might be what was meant but I wasn't sure, so now I have some time to breathe.